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How To Live A Great Life? – Irrfan Khan

How To Live A Great Life? – Irrfan Khan

Welcome back friends, It’s sad and we all know that on 29th April Sir Irrfan khan left us but he taught us many lessons which are very important.We must apply these lessons in our lives.

How To Live A Great Life? - Irrfan Khan
How To Live A Great Life?  – Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan’s little biography:

Moving forward, Sahabzade Irrfan Khan was born on 7 January 1967 in Rajasthan and left us on 29th April 2020. We barely know that his mother Saeeda Begum Khan and father Yaseen Ali Khan ran a tyre business, you read it right -A tyre business, he did not belong to any big rich family.

How To Live A Great Life? - Irrfan Khan
How To Live A Great Life?  – Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan was very much interested in cricket and was even selected in CK Nayudu Trophy(big opportunity in cricket for him), but unfortunately, he could not attend as he could not afford travel expenses.
In spite of coming from a small family, he did not stop for his dreams and lead a big legacy in the whole world.
How To Live A Great Life? - Irrfan Khan
How To Live A Great Life?  – Irrfan Khan
Though he is not with us, his learning and beliefs will always be a part of our lives, so friends I decided to share with you these 7 Life Lessons By Irrfan Khan that you must follow!

7 Life Lessons By Irrfan Khan:


According to Irrfan Khan, the comfort zone is the killer of success.
As he is an actor, he tells that working with the same director every time does not let you to grow, Irrfan Khan says 
“If you are in a comfort zone then it becomes very difficult to come out of your comfort zone and I dont like to get into the comfort zone”


KEY: You should never stay in your comfort zone because when you are comfortable with what you have, you will never chase great things in your life. There is a quote saying:

Be happy with what you have but never get comfortable with it


When Irrfan Khan entered the cinema field.It was very tough for him as many people had very different bad thoughts about cinema, even his mom told him that if he wants to join the cinema he first have to marry, and then only he can join cinema.
Irrfan Khan refused to get married and told his mother that he wants to completely focus on one thing that is cinema and he can not divide his attention.
KEY: When you are pursuing your dream, you will get many naysayers but you should stick to your goal, to your dream.You should not think what other people will think of you!


When Irrfan Khan started doing various category roles, his industry friends used to criticize a lot.
Irrfan Khan says that what his friends wanted him is to “Find a niche and stick to it” but Irrfan Khan had different beliefs he always wanted to try something new always and never to get bored from his career.
KEY: Always try something new, never ever get comfortable with what you are now, and what you have, always set your goal higher!


Irrfan Khan strongly states that,
“Money is always the by product for him and he did not join the cinema industry for money.He joined it because of his passion for cinema”



KEY: Money is always a byproduct” this statement is also supported by Sir Ratan Tata, you should never focus on money instead you should focus on values, commitment, and on your passion.
(Must check this out if you want to learn 8 LEADERSHIP LESSONS BY RATAN TATA)


When Irrfan Khan started his career, he says that,

He never thought of any strategy that he will use rather, he will focus on his work and being true and authentic always and let his work speak and never expect anything in return.”



KEY: The best way to answer to your haters is to answer them with your work. There is a quote saying,
“Work in your silence and let your success makes some noise”


Irrfan Khan says that when you are doing something you like, make sure you give your all and not just do it for the sake of its completion.
He says that,
You have to be sincere and sometimes your work doesn’t pay you as what you expected but trust yourself because its a long term commitment and the good thing takes time”

KEY: You must know that many people work on their passion but only a few succeed.The only reason is persistence. Only a few people are persistent in their goals and hence only a few people become successful.



Irrfan khan shares his dark time in this video.He feels that everything happens for a reason and everything happens to you to make you stronger and to prepare you for achieving your goal.

KEY: Sometimes you expect something else and you get something else but don’t get demotivated because God has better plans for you and just keep going!

Always remember: “Every cloud has a silver lining

➧Irrfan Khan movies list:

  • Hindi Medium: The 2017 movie also won the hearts of his fans in which he played Raj Batra, a boutique owner. He brilliantly performed the role of a father struggling to get the daughter admitted to a prestigious English-medium school in order to rise in society.
  • Piku: In the 2015 starter movie he played the role of Rana Chaudhary, who runs a cab service in Delhi and later comes in the life of Piku and her father. His character evolves over time and he transforms into a romantic hero. This film captures both humorous and romantic sides.
  • The Lunchbox: He again stole the heart of the audience with Lunchbox, a simple movie in which he played Saajan Fernandes, a widowed accountant who gets into an epistolary affair with a housewife.
  • Paan Singh Tomar: The seasoned actor’s Paan Singh Tomar also captured the audience’s hearts where he portrayed the descent of an athlete into a dacoit. The idea in the film was to demonstrate the need to offer importance to human potential in India.
  • Maqbool: In Vishal Bharadwaj’s film, which is an adaptation of the play Macbeth by Shakespeare, Irrfan played Maqbool, which remains one of his most memorable films to date. The actor performed brilliantly in every scene showcasing varied emotions from reverence, passion, guilt and remorse.
  • The Warrior: In Asif Kapadia’s directorial debut was a period drama in which Irrfan is fascinating as the strangely named Lafcadio, a strongman who gives up violence.
  • Life of Pi: In Life of Pi, the actor essayed the role of an adult version of the protagonist ‘Pi Patel’. In this award-winning Ang The lee-directed film, Khan acted as the narrator because the movie was primarily set in flashbacks.
  • Slumdog Millionaire: In 2008, the acclaimed teamed up with Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire in which he played the role of a police inspector who beats Dev Patel’s character, Jamal – believing him to be a cheat. Boyle praised his performance saying it was “beautiful to watch”.
  • The Amazing Spiderman: In this Hollywood movie, the actor played the super scientist Rajit Ratha in The Amazing Spiderman
  • Jurassic World: In this movie, the actor plays a billionaire Simon Masrani, who is the CEO of the Masrani Corporation and the owner of Jurassic World.


So, friends, this was my another attempt to provide you another valuable content. I hope that you will apply these 7 LIFE LESSONS BY IRRFAN KHAN . I know that you will also create a legacy and inspire others too.

How To Live A Great Life? - Irrfan Khan
Thank You 🙂

Finally, I want to thank you for spending time with me through my blogs. The main motive of our team (Motivational.V) is to inspire you, motivate you, to provide you valuable content so that you can accomplish your goal and we can develop our nation as it truly said by SIR ABRAHAM LINCOLN:

“The strength of the nation lies in the homes of its people”

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Jai Hind!
Vande mataram.

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